Flaming Buffet

The Flaming Buffet

All fork buffet options are served in noodle bowls or noodle boxes depending on your preference

The Flaming buffet is served in front of your guests by a fully uniformed chef.

Buffet Options

Cognac Beef and sezchuan stir fry with Asian greens, bamboo shoots roasted cashews and hokkien noodles

Malibu and garlic infused tiger prawns on coconut rice

Kahlua scented medallions with mango and kipfler sauce

Midori poached chicken breast with bokchoy and jasmine rice

vodka seared scallops on apple, grape, vine tomato and watercress salad

Apple liquor marinated tender loin on broccolini and crushed Pontiac

scotch charred fillet of beef with green peppercorn and cream sauce