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About So Unique Catering

So Unique allows you to host your dream wedding, corporate function and private party. Our experienced and fully qualified staff  to handle all of your planning.

Our executive chef, Brae Greentree is one of our own, born and bred in Australia
and has become one of the Gold Coasts biggest names in fine cuisine.

Finishing his college years with award winning potential, he has studied the art of fine international cuisine, utilising exotic ingredients from all over the world.
So Unique Catering is Painting the picture of cuisines legendary Big flavours, great history and a laid back cool intimate charm which is the envy of all Australians.

Gathering knowledge from exotic restaurants all over the world has given him inspiration for his own artistic recipes, and is along the way to international success.

In our fine menus you’ll find something to suit you with modern style, elegant Mediterranean dishes, lavish Italian pieces, exotic Spanish spices. Not to forget the fresh tastes of Australia.

We offer the highest expertise quality and professionalism.

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So Unique Catering.